Foxboro Field Devices

Foxboro Field Devices is a division of Invensys Operations Management that deals with the measurement and control of processes such as flow, temperature, pressure, level, and other applications.

Foxboro offers an industry leading 5-year Standard Warranty on most products, Rocket Delivery, and has a team of experts handling technical support.

IGP10S & IAP10S Pressure Transmitters

The IGP10S and IAP10S Pressure Transmitters are intelligent, two-wire transmitters that provide precise, reliable measurement of absolute or gauge pressure, and transmit a 4 to 20 mA output signal with a superimposed HART digital signal for remote configuration and monitoring.

Both the IGP10S and IAP10S reduce inventory costs with a wide range of applications that traditionally would require multiple separate transmitters. With high accuracy and advanced calibration technology, they enable users to track time in service, which allows for predictive maintenance.

  • Industry Leading 400:1 turndown
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) digital indicator with on-board pushbutton configuration & calibration
  • Industry Leading 5-year Standard Warranty
  • Accuracy to ±0.05% of span and Ambient temperature effects to ±(0.03% URL+0.06%) span per 28°C (50°F)
Smart PH The Foxboro Smart Sensor Technology delivers easier, faster, and more reliable field calibration and helps to prevent common measurement errors typical in electrochemical systems that come from imperfect field system calibration. Using Smart Sensor technology, the device can be calibrated at any time against a “standard” or “reference” transmitter, or laptop PC, in the instrument shop. The calibration parameters are then stored in an on-board memory chip. When performing a field calibration, operators simply take the pre-calibrated Smart Sensor to the field, connect it to the transmitter, and allow the transmitter to upload the calibration parameters.

LG01 & LR01 LevelWave Guided Wave Radar Transmitters

Foxboro LG01 LevelWave

The LevelWave Radar Series provides one universal radar measurement solution for all liquids including Corrosive, Viscous, Sticky, and other difficult media such as foam and turbulent surfaces. Unaffected by changes in temperature, specific gravity, pressure and with no need to re-calibrate, the modular design guarantees easy and fast field installation for the requirements of the modern industry.

Easy Installation With a unique modular design, installation couldn’t be easier

Effortless Operation Each Device has a unique adaptable mounting which makes it much simpler to fit into an existing space

Exceptional Quality All units are rigorously factory tested which guarantees the build quality of every instrument shipped.


New Foxboro MagPLUS Magnetic Flowmeters from Schneider Electric provide easy-to-use, highly reliable, and flexible flow metering solutions for water and wastewater and food and beverage applications. With a wide range of flowtube sizes and an array of available transmitter configurations, the MagPLUS flowmeter offers precise, bi-directional metering of a range of fluids, from beverages and processed foods to potable water, industrial water, and wastewater.

With fit-and-forget reliability, Foxboro MagPLUS flowmeters feature robust, fully welded construction, a selection of global standard flanges and end-connections, rugged liners suited to all water and wastewater applications or hygienic sanitary design, and durable exteriors suited to underground installation and constant flooding (IP 68 rated enclosure). Thanks to an innovative virtual grounding feature, this flowmeter eliminates the need for grounding electrodes or rings to reduce installation complexity and cost, while increasing long-term process reliability.