Infrared Sensors

Fluke Process Instruments – including the Raytek and Ircon branded products, offer rugged, dependable non-contact temperature measurement and profiling equipment. Products range from infrared sensors, line scanners, thermal imagers, and profiling systems.

Raytek offers non-contact, fixed infrared sensors, process imagers and portable IR thermometers for use in a wide range of temperature and industrial applications.

Ircon offers rugged, dependable online and standalone IR pyrometers, linescanners and handheld thermometers for harsh and highly demanding environments.

Raytek Endurance IR Temperature Transmitter

Fluke Infrared Sensors

Dual wavelength high temperature two color infrared thermometer with innovative sighting options including video and measuring temperatures from 550C to 3200C.
  • RL range 600-1800C with accuracy 0.5% +/-2C
  • Repeatability +/-0.3C
  • One or two colour operation
  • SS housing and complete hardware accessory suite for installation
  • Response time programmable to 10 msec
  • Optics 100:1 and focus 600mm to infinity (standard) CF optional
  • PC networking up to 32 units with analytics and data logging – WEBSERVER

Raytek MI3 Digital Pyrometer

Raytek MI3 PyrometerThe Raytek MI3 digital pyrometer represents a new generation of performance and innovation in continuous non-contact temperature monitoring for a broad range of OEM applications and manufacturing processes. Each MI3 infrared temperature sensor is a two-piece systems with a miniature sensing head and separate communications electronics. The miniature sensing head can be installed in any system and outperforms much larger sensors, making the Raytek MI3 the best valued IR temperature sensor in its class.
  • Wide temperature range from -40 to 1800°C (-40 to 3272°F)
  • Response time down to 10ms
  • Precision High resolution optics up to 100:1
  • Available with Profinet and Ethernet communication interface

Raytek MP150 Linescanner

MP150 LinescannerThe Raytek MP150 infrared line scanner is designed for use in highly demanding industrial environments and provides accurate temperature images of moving objects. This multi-point measurement is achieved by a rotating optical system, which collects infrared radiation at up to 1024 points within a 90º field-of-view. The motorized mirror scans at rates up to 150 lines per second.
  • Real-time thermal imaging for continuous or discrete process
  • Up to 1024 measurement points per line
  • Fast scan rates up to 150 lines per second
  • Optical resolution up to 200:1

ThermoView TV40 Thermal Imager

Key Features
  • IR-Fusion® technology (thermal and visible sighting) for easy alignment and added detail on blended images
  • Pre-calibrated lens with remote motorized focus and multiple available field interchangeable lens options
  • Discreet I/O alarms to interface to PLC
  • IP67 (NEMA 4) rated with rugged housing allows for installation into harsh environments with air purge and other accessories available