The Mini8® Controller offers high-performance control usually only found in Eurotherm® panel-mount PID controllers. It is also a very competitive and compact data acquisition device. Its modular design enables its I/O and feature set to be selected to cater for a wide range of applications from simple to complex. The Mini8 Controller is an ideal partner to a programmable logic controller. Able to multi-drop on either serial, Fieldbus or Ethernet communications, it offers a cost-effective alternative to performing analog measurement or loop control in a PLC. Implementing these functions in the Mini8 Controller helps reduce the cost of a PLC system, relieving it of the burden of performing analog functions, often allowing a lower specification processor to be used. The Mini8 Controller’s feature set is comparable with the other Eurotherm Temperature Controllers including its high performance PID control and Setpoint Programmer (SP) programming functions together with a range of features such as Math, Logic, and Timing blocks. When used in a data acquisition installation the controller’s high density analog I/O can be combined with the Eurotherm 6000 Series paperless graphic recorder.

Control, Optimize, Simplify

Unique features:
The key features of the Mini8 Controller include:
• 16 control loops
• 32 analog inputs
• Modular & compact
• Setpoint programming
• Math and logic
• Communications protocols
− Modbus RTU
− DeviceNet®
− Profibus DP
− Modbus TCP
− EtherNet/IP
− EtherCAT
• Help defend OEM knowledge and IP with OEM security

• Complements your PLC
• World-class control algorithm
• Accurate analog measurement
• Flexible communication options
• Compact modular design
• Reduction in panel real estate
• Can reduce total system costs

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