Eurotherm Harmony Solid State Relays

Senseanywhere Remote Sensors

Types of Signals it can monitor: Wireless temp, RH, Motion, Contacts or 4-20MA
Features: Text or email alarms, cloud based, easy to install, low cost.

SenseAnywhere sensors are low-power wireless sensors that communicate with and store data in the cloud. They are easy to install, use, and maintain, and they have a 10-year battery life. They can log up to 18,500 events, have a seamless integration with the cloud, have auditable, real-time monitoring of key environmental factors (RH, temperature, and motion) as well as contact or 4-20mA signals. These sensors are extremely small and durable and can be placed inside packaging to accurately monitor critical contents and include GPS location and tracking. 

How it works: The AiroSensor sends data through an AccessPoint to the cloud. From the cloud, the data is accessible to the user from any smart device, and you can even receive text or email alarms.

It can monitor wireless temperature, RH, motion, contacts, or 4-20mA signals.

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