Revolutionary Approach to Process Monitoring

Process Monitoring for ANY application!

SenseAnywhere is a comprehensive, cloud-based, 24/7 process monitoring system that continuously measures and records virtually any parameter, including: temperature, humidity, CO2, motion, pressure, level, flow and contact closure.

SenseAnywhere makes it easy to access a complete audit trail of data and receive condition alerts via text or email and view data from any smart device.  Easy 24/7 access to your critical data simplifies compliance and allows you to take action immediately in case of an excursion.

This next generation of wireless, ultra-low battery powered dataloggers are trusted by life sciences, food services, warehousing, manufacturing, cold chain services, healthcare industries and more, because it delivers:

·  Accuracy

·  Reliability

·  Security

·  Ease of Use

·  Low Cost of Ownership

Whether you are developing the latest drug therapy, monitoring industrial process conditions, or transporting dairy items to your local market, environmental conditions impact your operations.  A proven and reliable monitoring system protects consumer safety, eliminates unnecessary waste, and maintains compliance.

How SenseAnywhere works for process monitoring

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