Roman Manufacturing

Roman Water cooled transformerFounded in 1980, RoMan Manufacturing is the world’s leading manufacturer of AC water-cooled transformers, DC Power Supplies and related specialty products. They offer design options for high temperature heat treatment, brazing, sintering, vacuum and atmospheric furnace applications. Their power supplies have secondary voltage ranges from 5 to 500 volts and secondary currents up to 100,000 amps.


  • Energy Savings & cost reductions: RoMan water cooled transformers can be installed next to the heat source – reducing energy consumption, costs associated with wire feeds and controls as well as space requirements.
  • Improved Process: RoMan water cooled transformers are much smaller than conventional air and oil cooled transformers. This allows them to be placed next to where energy is needed most, helping to eliminate harmonics and heat dissipation, while at the same time increasing the system’s power factor.