Lisa’s Track: ‘Tis The Season, Halloween Through New Years!

By Lisa

As we enter this holiday season, social gatherings filled with food, goodies, and drink surround us like no other time of year. It’s a ‘season’ of celebration, not just a ‘day’ of it. For most, we enter with good intentions and exit it making a New Year’s resolution to pay more attention to our health, lose weight, exercise, meditate, and make more time for ourselves.

You can help yourself by taking small steps and incorporating them into your season for better physical and emotional health. It’s all about balance, moderation, a little planning, and keeping it simple.

Here are a few Tips to help us enjoy the season while keeping your wellness in check:

  • Choose a small plate to let you savor the bites while keeping modest portions.
  • Eat healthy meals throughout the day so you don’t overindulge… starving yourself during the day so you can indulge at the party that night will BACKFIRE!
  • Hydrate: 20 ounces of water, 20 minutes before each meal, keeps you hydrated while reducing cravings and calories when you eat.
  • Variety: Balance your plate with a combination of veggies, fruit, and foods of the season…. all in moderation.
  • Keep up your exercise routine: Working out keeps your metabolism going, helps you digest and burn off calories, as well as keep anxiety in check.
  • Choose lighter alcoholic beverages. A wine spritzer, light beer, or a mixed drink with half a shot in it is a way to keep calories and alcohol content low.
  • Look for chances to catch up with friends and family you haven’t seen in a while. Focus more on visiting and catching up rather than over-munching.
  • Carve out time to take short walks and for quiet moments to just breathe. The holidays can be an emotional time, filled with sensitive moments and your emotional health is just as important as your physical health.

Remember that the holidays are about ‘spending time’ with relatives and friends. Have a joyful and peaceful holiday season!!!

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