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F4T® Temperature and Process Controller

The F4T® integrated process controller combines the flexibility of a modular I/O with best-in-class ease of use and a sleek touchscreen UI, additionally provides custom tailored configurations to meet the scaling needs of wide range applications and equipment.

Now featuring e-mail and text alerts. Notify users of an event that has occurred such as a specific profile or step within a profile, alarm condition, limit condition or analog input error. The F4T temperature & process controller from Watlow offers a wide range of field removable I/O modules for maximum design flexibility. Configurations can be custom tailored to meet the scaling needs of a tremendous range of equipment and applications while providing exactly the hardware types required for compatibility. The F4T controller also features a 4.3 inch, color, graphical touch panel. Combining power, flexibility and functionality, this new controller offers unmatched versatility, and its best-in-class ease of use could very well make user manuals a thing of the past.


TRU-TUNE®+ Adaptive ControlYes
Agency ApprovalsUL/EN 61010 Listed, UL508, CSA, FM (limit), RoHS by design, China RoHS Level 2, W.E.E.E., CE
AlarmsUp to 14
Ambient Operating Range-18 to 50C°C (0 to 122F°F)
Communication ProtocolsStandard BusModbus® TCPModbus® RTUSCPIUSB 2
Control/Limit Loops4/4
Description1-4 PID loops with profiles & data logging options
Max Monitor Channels24
Max Output10A SSR
MountingFront panel or flush mount
Operating RequirementsN/A
Phase Configurations1
Supported ControllersF4T, Flex Modules (FM), Composer PC software
Remote Limit Reset1
Display Height4.3″ PCAP color graphical touch

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the options for customizing the user interface?

  • The F4T comes with preconfigured screens; customers are not burdened with having to create their own screens from scratch. Also, the screens have endured a rigorous usability testing process to ensure the controller is intuitive and easy to use.
  • The F4T allows a customer to personalize the look and layout of up to four home screens. Examples of personalization include setting how many channels (loops, monitor inputs, limits) are displayed on the four main home pages.
  • Within the outputs section the customer can prioritize the specific order in which they would like individual outputs, soft keys or profile events to appear. Additionally the customer can enter custom names for outputs, PID loops, alarms, events, profiles, etc.

How can I feel comfortable about this new product’s quality and reliability? What about the display life?

  • The F4T controller leverages a platform design approach by Watlow®. Most of the control algorithms, as well as the input/output hardware electronics, have been deployed in other designs that account for greater than 100,000 installations worldwide.
  • The display is protected with an environmental NEMA 4X/IP65 rating.
  • The LED backlife is greater than 50,000 hours.
  • The controller comes with a standard three-year warranty.

Can the F4T send me an e-mail or text message if an out-of-limits condition exists or if a profile completes?

  • Yes, the F4T offers e-mail and text alerts to notify users of an event that has occurred such as a specific profile or step within a profile, alarm condition, limit condition or analog input error.
  • The F4T controller comes standard with an Ethernet communications port that allows customers to connect to the controller via the Internet for remote access.

What are the options for data logging and how do we access the data?

  • The F4T controller is available with a data logging option. With this option set points, process values and percent output values are logged and saved and can be transferred from the controller via USB flash drive.
  • The file format will be a .CSV file that can easily be imported and graphed using common PC programming software packages such as Microsoft®.
  • Stay tuned for F4T announcements regarding data logging feature enhancements such as trending screens and data encryption file types to help meet industry standards around data tamper-proofing such as CFR21 Part 11 (FDA/food) and ASM2750D/E (aerospace/government/military).

Can data logging / trending be added at a later date as an upgrade if required?

  • Yes, the F4T allows for the ability to update to new firmware on controllers that are already deployed in customer applications.

How many control loops can I have? I might want to use it as a multi-loop controller?

  • The F4T can control from one to four PID process loops. The PID loops can be ordered in increments of one to ensure you can order exactly what is needed.
  • Additionally, two of the four available loops can be utilized as cascade loops.

We have used the SERIES F4 on our high-end furnaces for many years; the multiple PID sets function is essential for our system needs. Will this be available in the F4T?

  • The F4T controller has five independent PID sets that can be utilized to help ensure optimum process control is achieved.

The existing SERIES F4 has a good range of I/O and I do not use all of it, so I am paying for things I do not use. Will the F4T enable me to select and pay for only the I/O that I want?

  • The F4T controller is both modular and scalable. Inputs and outputs can be ordered in increments of one.
    • Modularity – The flex modules (hardware inputs and outputs) can be added, subtracted or changed in the field.
    • Scalability – A customer can rearrange different combinations of inputs and outputs to scale from one to 24 inputs or 36 outputs depending on the configuration mix.

What is a flex module?

  • Flex modules allow users and OEMs to modify or add inputs, outputs and other capabilities after purchasing and installing an F4T controller. With minimum clearance flex modules can be added or replaced without disassembling or even removing the controller from the panel.

We sell equipment globally. Does the F4T have user selectable language options? Do you have the user manual in Chinese, Japanese or Korean?

  • The controller can be programmed to display in any of the following languages: English, German, French, Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese.
  • Quick start guides and specification sheets will be available in English, German, French, Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese.
  • User manuals will be available in English and Simplified Chinese.

Can I copy the configuration from one F4T to a USB flash drive and then download it to another F4T?

  • Profiles, data log files and the controller configuration file are the three types of files that can quickly be imported into or exported out of any F4T controller.

Why are the USB ports located in the back?

  • Locating USB ports on the back helps in instances where security reasons dictate they are not accessible through the front panel. It also results in not taking up valuable space on the front panel that would compete with the size of the color/graphical display.
  • With the use of USB accessory cables a customer can mount the USB in the front panel to any location they prefer. This also allows a customer to select their preferred type of USB housing such as open air or an environmentally protected type USB housing.

The F4T sounds more capable and complicated than the SERIES F4. How easy will it be to learn how to configure and use it?

  • The F4T development process involved substantial usability testing to ensure that the product is intuitive and easy to use.
  • There are additional support tools such as “how to” videos on this page to aid you in how to accomplish key tasks.

Once I change over to the F4T, I will still need to buy the occasional SERIES F4 for spares. How much longer will the SERIES F4 be available?

  • There is no established end-of-life date for the existing SERIES F4 controller.

Is the F4T backward compatible with the SERIES F4? I have software already developed to work with the SERIES F4. Can I switch without changing the software?

  • The F4T comes standard with backwards compatible Modbus® addresses for select factors such as process value, set point and critical profile run-time parameters. Refer to the user manual for details.

I am currently a SERIES F4 user. How do I upgrade to F4T?

  • Check out the content on this page for helpful information including the “how to” video tutorial series for a fast and easy way to learn how to get up and running with the F4T controller.

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