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Fluke Endurance Infrared Pyrometer

The Fluke Endurance Infrared Pyrometer is a flexible, durable, and visual solution for your thermal measurement processes.
Applications: metal processing, molten metal/forging, hot rolling mills, rod/wire mills, heat treating & annealing, induction heating, lightbulb and halogen lamp production, glass melting, semiconductor furnaces, cement & lime kilns, refuse burning, carbon graphite production, foundry & welding, rubber & thick plastic, furnaces, vacuum
Features: 2 color, video, ethernet communications, broad temperature ranges, simultaneous analog and digital outputs, superior optical resolution to 300:1, Fast response time down to 2 ms

Endurance Infrared Pyrometer

Dual wavelength high temperature two color infrared thermometer with innovative sighting options including video and measuring temperatures from 550C to 3200C.

  • RL range 600-1800C with accuracy 0.5% +/-2C
  • Repeatability +/-0.3C
  • One or two colour operation
  • SS housing and complete hardware accessory suite for installation
  • Response time programmable to 10 msec
  • Optics 100:1 and focus 600mm to infinity (standard) CF optional
  • PC networking up to 32 units with analytics and data logging – WEBSERVER
Fluke Endurance Infrared Pyrometer

Key Features

  • Broad temperature range from 50 oC to 3200 oC (122 oF to 5792 oF)
  • Superior optical resolution to 300:1
  • Spot sizes down to 0.6mm (0.02 inch)
  • Fast response times down to 2 ms
  • Easy adjustment with manual variable focus integrated head optics
  • Through-the-lens sighting, with optional laser, LED or video aiming function
  • Compact, rugged housings with IP65 (NEMA-4) rating
  • Ethernet, Profinet and EtherNet/IP options
  • Programmable relay output for control
  • Simultaneous analog and digital outputs


  • Innovative optional camera feature allows you to continuously monitor your process visually
  • LED sighting option allows you to see the spot size on the target and make sure you have a clean line of sight to the target.
  • Match function takes the guess work out of setting the emissivity
  • Endurance companion software allows you to archive your process temperatures for data analysis and sensor setup.
  • Easy to upgrade from your existing Ircon Modline® 5, Modline 6, Modline 7 or Marathon MR, Marathon MM, Marathon FA/FR series installations. Adapter accessories and patch cables allow you to use existing accessories.
  • Temperature measurement of inaccessable targets with rugged non-contact fiber-optic single and two color pyrometer measurement systems.


Designed to handle wider temperature ranges with superior optical resolution. Profinet, Ethernet, EtherNet/IP, RS-485 and analog output is available to meet your process requirements. Endurance® series sensors are rugged, small and easy to install.


Built to withstand the harshest environments, the sensor is housed in a stainless steel IP65 (NEMA-4) housing. Accessories such as high temperature enclosures, cables, and totally sealed connectors, along with best in class 4 year warranty, Endurance series sensors are a snap to install.


The video camera option provides remote verification of sighting as well as continuous monitoring of your process. The LED sighting option can be used in applications where it is important to “see” the actual spot size projected on the target. The laser sighting option for integrated and fiber optic heads is useful for local verification of sighting accuracy. By using the Endurance software or the built in web server, you can archive, monitor and troubleshoot with a total view to your process.

Rugged sensors for harsh installations

Endurance sensors have a rugged stainless steel housing designed to meet IP65 (NEMA 4) environmental requirements in high ambients up to 65 °C (149 oF) for integrated sensors and 315 oC (599 oF) for fiber-optic sensors without cooling. Isolated analog outputs and sensor protection circuitry prevent sensor damage from mis-wiring at installation or unstable power supply line voltages.

See more of your process

Using the onboard Ethernet option, you have access to a web server, Power over Ethernet, ASCII over Ethernet and video if the camera option is selected for the sighting method. The camera option can be used to stream a view of your process (while showing exactly where the pyrometer is aimed) right into a control room to see what is happening at the exact instant a temperature event occurs.

Note: Sighting options Integrated head sensors – video, laser, LED. Fiber-optic sensors – laser (option), no laser (standard)

Interface Options

Full access to all sensor settings is achievable from the backlit rear panel. This panel displays the indicated temperature, system alarm status, as well as all sensor parameters.


Plot the temperature values of an Endurance sensor with high resolution video image. High and low alarms are shown, making it easy to identify out-of- range conditions. Endurance software makes it easy to remotely configure Endurance sensors from the safety of the control room.

Fluke Endurance Pyrometer Fiber Optic


Endurance fiber-optic pyrometers allow measurement of targets that would otherwise be inaccessible because of space constraints or harsh environments. Separated by a flexible fiber-optic cable, the optical head may be positioned near the target with the rugged electronics housing installed remotely in a convenient location. Fiber-optic sensors are completely non-conductive and offers improved immunity to RFI and EMI interference.

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