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Are you still using the outdated paper and pen chart recorders?

Did you know they are now obsolete, and finding and buying the paper and pens can be a hassle and expensive?

If you have one—or many—of these antiquated machines, then it’s time to upgrade to the latest and greatest PAPERLESS Recorder!

It may seem like it would be a hassle to replace them, but with the Nanokit, you get a quick and easy way to convert the old to the new, and it comes with everything you need — including the 4-channel Nanodac!

The Nanokit is only $2300 and only takes about an hour of your time – which will give you an ROI you can be proud of. 

Less time and money spent on finding, buying, and replacing paper and pens means more time and money expanding your thermal process! This also means your records will now be welcomed into the digital age.

So, what’s stopping you from upgrading? Give us a call or email now!


Eurotherm Nanodac Recorder/Controller Manual

Eurotherm Nanodac Recorder/Controller Manual

This document describes the installation, operation and configuration of a paperless graphic recorder/controller. The instrument comes, as standard, with four input channels and is equipped for secure archiving via FTP transfer and/or to USB memory stick.

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