Eurotherm Harmony Solid State Relays


P304C – ¼DIN Melt Pressure Indicator/Controller:

The Eurotherm piccolo™ P304i Melt Pressure indicator and P304c Controller offer versatile solutions with advanced features and a wide range of hardware options that make them ideal for all types of plastic processing. Both units have a 50ms sample rate to give the fast acting control and alarm functionality required in the plastics industry. The P304c Controller provides outstanding control performance in an affordable package for a wide variety of pressure sensors.

• Easy to integrate and use in new and legacy applications
• Fast-acting alarms to protect against overpressure
• Responsive, precision PID control with overshoot inhibit
• Easy, effective auto-tune
• Universal + strain gauge inputs
• Second input for differential pressure indication / control
• Analogue retransmission
• Easy and flexible configuration via PC software or front panel
• Modbus RTU digital communications
• High visibility three colour LED display
• Wipedown, customizable front fascia
• High reliability and quality
• Three year warranty


The P304i is a fully programmable indicator with a single input configured for melt pressure measurement and the choice of wiring either strain gauge or amplified transducers to the unit. An optional second input provides an additional facility for differential pressure measurement if required. 

The update time for each channel is 50ms to respond to very fast processes. To provide full process measurement, the second input can be configured for either Thermocouple or RTD temperature measurement.

Three preconfigured and ready to use alarms are associated to the process to detect high and low pressure conditions. A flexible alarm strategy enables shutdown of extruder at dangerous pressure levels.

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