ThermoView TV30 Thermal Imager

Monitor temperatures in severe environments without the need for vulnerable computer equipment


Eurotherm Harmony Solid State Relays

Easily track temperatures in harsh conditions and spot issues swiftly with AOIs and customization. The TV30- series comes with two camera options:

  • TV30-SA camera models integrate without a PC, allowing you to monitor your process and access onboard analytics of the fixed thermal imager through a web browser
  • The TV30-GE models open up a world of possibilities for more specialized applications with their true GigE Vision interface

Is your business feeling the heat? With the ThermoView TV30 Thermal Imager, you can detect abnormalities with flexible precision.

The ThermoView TV30 Fixed Thermal Imaging Camera can be used across numerous industries and applications and is ideal for process monitoring and control, product monitoring, quality pass/fail checks, and on-site safety. Several examples where the ThermoView TV30 infrared camera system can be used include, but not limited to the following list below. Click here if you would like to speak with an expert to discuss your application.

Automotive and Aerospace

  • Backlight Inspection
  • Heated Car Seat Inspection
  • Laser Plastic Welding
  • Hot Forming Steel Panels
  • Galvanizing and Annealing

Metals Processing

  • Foundry Ladle and Torpedo Car Monitoring
  • Blast Furnace
  • Continuous Casting
  • Hot Rolling Mills

Construction Materials

  • Cement Kiln Refractory Monitoring
  • Gypsum Wallboard Production
  • Asphalt Production


  • Substation Monitoring
  • Coal Pile Monitoring

Solar and Semiconductor

  • Circuit Board Testing


  • Bulk Meat Processing
  • Pre-Cooked Meal Production
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical
  • Waste Incineration

No additional software required

  • TV30-SA: An accessible, standalone thermal imaging solution with onboard analytics and remote setup via web browser
  • TV30-GE with ThermoView Software for enhanced inspection capabilities: Ideal for complex tasks

Designed for the toughest conditions

  • Rugged and reliable IP67 housing is resilient and built to last
  • With an air purge, water-cooling jacket, and other accessories available, you can be sure your equipment will stand up to whatever is thrown at it

Avoid costly downtime

  • The TV30 identifies defects and can alert you when any anomalies are detected
  • Continuous 24/7 monitoring

Key Features

  • Multiple fieldbus protocols for simple integrationIntegrating a system is never easy. Without the right tools, it can cost you time, money and frustration. Our fieldbus protocols are designed to make integration with most PLCs simple and cost-effective. OPC UA, and MQTT are all supported by our gateways, so you can avoid needing hardware I/O devices.
  • Accessories to satisfy the most difficult installationsAir purge, water cooling, and outdoor enclosures provide added security in the most demanding applications.

For additional infrared camera key features, check out the ThermoView TV30 Datasheet or speak with an expert to discuss how the imager could support your application.


The intuitive ThermoView software enables you to take control of multiple parts of your process like never before with advanced analytical tools, auto-alarming features, and more. Several key features include:

  • User-configurable and quick setup options that makes installation fast and easy without unnecessary downtime
  • Establish alarms or signals that interface to discrete I/O to better control your process
  • Customizable Areas of Interest with advanced pass/fail logic – allowing you to perform product inspections, monitor process temperature and more all at once
  • Independent, continuous, intermittent, and/or remote evaluation of temperature conditions so you can read temperature data whenever or wherever you need it

For additional key features, check out the ThermoView TV30 Brochure or speak with an expert to discuss how the software could support your application.

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