Behind-the-Scenes Updates from Our Team

NETS Newsletter: Highlights and Heartwarming Moments of 2023

We’ve had an exciting year, from launching our podcast series to continuing our commitment to the Hebron Food Pantry. The whole team came together for Bags of Hope, and we were thrilled to welcome Missy and Andy to our NETS family.

Read on for professional and personal updates from our team.

Dom’s Highlights: Team and Family

This year brought new faces to our team and saw Bree’s promotion. On a personal note, Dom celebrated his daughter Amanda’s wedding and enjoyed a memorable trip to Denver for the C12 meeting, followed by a relaxing vacation in Colorado. Throughout the year he worked to organize and get our new podcast series going — which we are so excited has now been launched!

Bob’s Milestones

Bob marked his 24th year with us and played a key role in welcoming Missy and Andy to the team. “It’s been great to see our team grow with such fantastic additions,” Bob notes. Bob’s brother (Retired Chief of Police of Attleboro, MA) is the co-director for the Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) who organizes many events to raise money for Massachusetts Special Olympics. NETS participated in the Fire Truck Pull event. This was the first year that NETS participated in the event, which was such a joy for us to get to work together to raise money for such an awesome cause. We took home the trophy for being #1 in the corporate section! Even though this was because we were the ONLY corporate team, it was still a fun accomplishment and exciting to get a trophy to display in our office!

Bree’s Leadership and Personal Joy

Bree stepped into the role of COO and helped establish the NETS Cares team which focuses on our employees and community. She also just celebrated her 10 year anniversary with NETS in January 2024!

“It’s been so fulfilling to make a positive impact, and I’m excited to see where this year will bring our team. We have such amazing people, and I am honored to get to serve them as the COO and with our Cares team!”

On a personal note, she is proud of her daughter Lilly’s progress with reading and writing while in the 1st grade. Bree also loved being a part of her sister Mandi’s wedding, where SHE was the flower girl and Lilly was the bridesmaid, which was a request from Lilly that her Aunty Mimi couldn’t say no to!

Andy’s New Beginnings

Andy joined our team in March and has quickly become a valued member. 

Here it is in his words:

“This past year has been as rewarding as it’s been challenging. I’ve learned so much in so little time and I’m so glad to have been accepted with welcome arms by the whole NETS team. In addition to my Engineering responsibilities, I’ve also been able to apply my A/V talents to help get our new podcast underway! It’s unbelievably fun to produce this educational resource and I love meeting and hearing from all the guests we feature. Coming up on my first year here, I’m ready to see what the next brings! 

Peace and love to all, Andy”
He also shared this behind-the-scenes photo of our new podcast being filmed. Make sure you check it out!


Welcoming Missy to the Team

Missy joined us at the start of 2023, and it’s been a pleasure having her with us. A standout moment for her was participating in the Fire Truck Pull for the Special Olympics. “Being part of such a meaningful event was a highlight for me,” Missy shares. 

Lisa’s Resilient Year

Lisa celebrated her third year at NETS. She Reflects that “a highlight for me from last year is not a big great thing that most would deem as a highlight. For me, it’s more general and along the lines of maneuvering through the ebb & flow of everyday life and keeping up with its pace. To me, that’s my biggest highlight.” Her steady resilience is, and always has been, truly inspiring.

Dawn’s Contributions and Outreach

Dawn played a pivotal role in finalizing our Vision/Mission graphic and establishing the Cares team. She also facilitated interactions with speakers from various organizations that we sponsor, including one from Hawaii, to engage our team. A portion of our profit each year goes to organizations that we see making a BIG impact, not just on our community, but around the globe, so by getting our team face to face (whether virtual or in person), it has allowed the team to know that what they do goes beyond our doors and makes an impact that reaches our community and beyond.

Dawn’s personal highlight was her daughter, Mandi’s wedding (pictured above).


As we look back on the past year, we’re grateful for the moments of growth, resilience, and connection within our team, and with our clients. Thank you for the part you play in the NETS community.