Fluke at NETS

By Dominick DeLuca

Fluke Process Instruments is the Infrared division of Fluke.  Many years ago, Fluke bought Ircon and Raytek, but as those products went obsolete, Fluke replaced them with new ones under the brand Fluke Process Instruments.

The Thermalert 4.0 is the newest in the product line. Offering a variety of wavelengths, it is a single color unit with a max temperature range of 2300 Deg C.  It can be used in ambient temperatures up to 85 C.  Options include integrated laser sighting, ethernet and analog outputs.

Our flagship offering is the Endurance Infrared Pyrometer.  It comes in many wavelengths including 2 colors or ratios.  It has through-the-lens sighting, Laser, and video capability.  It also has industry-leading optics.  It can measure as high as 3200 Deg C.  Options include Ethernet IP and Video outputs.  For a demonstration please give us a call.