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Eurotherm 2704 Process Controller

The Eurotherm 2704 Process Controller is an advanced, multi-loop process controller that has flexible IO while being highly configurable
Applications: Furnaces, Vacuum Furnaces, High Temp
Features: 1/4 DIN, Advanced Multi-Loop Temperature Controller, one universal and one high level analogue input, 10 digital IO included as standard, extra 5 IO slots available

Advanced 2704 Process Controller

The 2704 Process Controller is highly accurate and stable and is available in a single, dual or triple loop format. Features include setpoint programming and comprehensive selection of math and logic functions. Its user interface incorporates a bright dot matrix display, providing extreme flexibility and ease of use. It is a highly configurable product offering many features previously found only in programmable logic controllers. This enables systems to be implemented integrating the process control and logic functions of a machine, therefore simplifying system complexity and reducing the total system costs.

Eurotherm’s advanced control algorithm gives stable straight-line control. Automatic tuning simplifies the commissioning procedure by performing a one shot tune to calculate the optimum PID values. To further optimize control especially in programmer applications, gain scheduling can be used to transfer control between up to six sets of PID values. Trending enables the user to view both current and historical information on the process variable and setpoint of each control loop.

The 2704 incorporates a self correcting input circuit (INSTANT ACCURACY) to maximize accuracy and performance during initial warm up and changes in ambient temperature. One universal and one high level analogue input, along with 10 digital IO are included as standard. Additionally, a further 5 IO modules may be fitted providing very flexible input/output combinations. 

Control Functions:

  • Up to 3 control loops
  • PID, VP, or ON/OFF
  • Cascade, ratio, or override
  • Gain scheduling
  • Configurable control strategies

Setpoint Programmer:

  • Up to 60 Programs
  • Up to 3 Profiled setpoints/programs
  • Up to 600 segments
  • Up to 16 event outputs
  • Program mimic display

IO Hardware:

  • 0.25uV PV input resolution
  • Fixed and modular IO
  • 250Vac isolation
  • Expandable IO

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