Advancing to a Future Segment on a Eurotherm 2704

This will show you how to advance a programmer to a future segment for whatever reason.

  • First we start by putting the program into RUN
  • Then we put the programmer into HOLD
  • Notice we are in segment number 1 of 4, this is just a test program.
  • We navigate to PROGRAM -> RUN
  • Navigate to Segment Number
  • Let’s just say we want to advance it to segment number 3
  • Notice the top identification says we are now in “Segment 3”
  • We hit the PAGE and SCROLL key together to get back to the Home Display
  • Hit the PROG button, we notice it’s still in “Hold”
  • we change it back to RUN
  • It should now be executing, and we have successfully advanced from Segment 1 to Segment 3 in continuing the program


How to skip forward to a future segment on a Eurotherm 2704 Controller using the front keys of the unit.


eurotherm, 2704, future segment, programmer