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Exploring Infrared Technology with NETS

New England Temperature Solutions (NETS) has been a key player in the temperature solutions industry since the 1980s. Founded by Dominick DeLuca, NETS has grown by embracing new technologies, especially infrared technology, which Dominick has been working with for over 30 years.

How It All Started

Dominick’s journey into infrared technology began almost by chance. Initially working with thermocouples, he saw an opportunity to expand into infrared sensors. This move wasn’t just about adding new products; it was about offering better solutions to NETS’s clients. It allowed NETS to solve more complex temperature measurement challenges.

Understanding Infrared Sensing

Infrared technology is vital for measuring temperatures in various settings. Dominick and Bob Pierce, NETS’s Vice President of Engineering, explain the difference between single-color and two-color infrared sensors. Single-color sensors are versatile and can be used across many applications. Two-color sensors, though more expensive, are great for environments where accuracy is challenged by factors like dust or smoke. They can compensate for changes in emissivity, ensuring accurate readings.

Custom Solutions for Every Need

NETS doesn’t just sell infrared sensors. They work closely with clients to find the best fit for each unique situation. Whether it’s choosing the right type of sensor or setting up the system for the best performance, NETS’s team makes sure clients get a complete solution that meets their needs.

Looking Ahead

NETS continues to stay at the forefront of the thermal process industry by investing in new technologies and training. Infrared technology has many potential applications, from improving manufacturing processes to monitoring environmental conditions. NETS is ready to explore these new opportunities, providing innovative solutions to their clients.

Conclusion: Keeping It Simple

NETS’s story with infrared technology shows their commitment to innovation and solving complex problems. From Dominick’s accidental start with infrared to the tailored solutions NETS provides today, the journey has been all about finding better ways to meet their clients’ needs. As they look to the future, NETS is excited about the possibilities of infrared technology and how it can help them offer even more to their clients.


Dominick Deluca and Bob Pierce discuss IR Applications


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