Basic Startup Configuration for the Eurotherm Nanodac

Basic Startup Configuration for the Eurotherm Nanodac

Before any changes can be made to the Eurotherm nanodac configuration it will be necessary to login as a user with the relevant access permissions, in this case Engineer.

From the home page select the ‘Page Key’ then using the ‘lower key’ select ‘Log In’ followed by the ‘Scroll (Enter)’ key.

The page will default to showing ‘Logged Out’ (highlighted). Use the Lower Key and change to ‘Engineer’, press the ‘Scroll (Enter) Key.’ The Password field will appear (highlighted), press ‘Scroll’ again to access the alphanumeric keypad. Use the ‘Lower Key’ and select ‘Numeric’ followed by ‘Scroll’. Using a combination of raise/lower and scroll, enter the default password of ‘100’ once complete, press ‘Page Key’ and select ‘Yes’ when prompted to accept the password. You are now in Configuration Mode.

From this menu structure, select ‘Channel’ followed by ‘1’ then ‘Main’. For the purpose of this tutorial we will configure channel 1 for Type T Thermocouple with a range of 0 – 150 C.

Using the ‘lower’ key highlight the ‘Type’ Field, press the ‘Scroll’ key, the text will turn black. Use the raise or lower key to select Thermocouple, press the scroll key to confirm your selection. Now use the ‘Lower’ Key and select ‘Lin Type’, followed by the ‘scroll’ key, use the raise/lower, and scroll key to select Type T.

Using the ‘lower’ key, select Range High, (Range low should have defaulted to 0.0), highlight the field and press the ‘scroll’ key. Using the numeric keypad and the raise/lower, and scroll key enter a value of 150.0, once complete, press the ‘Page’ key and select ‘Yes’.

Basic channel configuration is now complete.


This video demonstrates how to do basic setup for the Eurotherm nanodac. It shows logging in, to setting thermocouple type and range for a channel.


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